#VT59 How to create CINEMATIC Faded look in Photoshop CC || Ron Creation || Tutorial || HD

How to create Cinematic Faded Look in Photoshop cc?

  • Duplicate the layer of original image.
  • Open Filter>camera Raw filter.
Every photo needs some different settings to achieved cinematic look, as every image has different colors and lightning conditions.
 For this particular image I had reduced Highlights,Shadows,Whites and had increased Clarity,Vibrance & contrast. After that had changed the Hue of Blue to Aqua and orange to little yellow.

The main setting for cinematic look is Highlight and shadow.  Setting which i had used-

hue-62           shadow-42

hue-206         shadow-15

& balanced them at +8

Then i decreased the Dehaze for brighter look and then added post vignettee.

For Faded look i had used this toned curve

In this way we can achieved Cinematic faded look. Hope you understand it. Same can be achieved in Adobe Lightroom also.

For clear understanding see the video tutorial -https://youtu.be/GdHDMLv-aMw

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original Image►

#VT58 How To Create Hallowen Picture || PicsArt Tutorial || HD

Hallowen is here! Get ready to scare your friends. In this article I will how to create Hallowen Picture. We are editing in mobile and using PicsArt app.


  • Open the image(which you want to edit) in picsart.

  • Select Sticker. Select Body Wound pack.
  • Select desired sticker accordingly.

**If you don't have body wound pack,here are the some stickers.

  • Select Motion Blur from Blur Fx.
  • Click inverse and draw blur at the border.
  • Select Adjust from Tools menu.
  • Decrease the saturation to 0.
  • Apply Dodger effect from Fx.

Final Image Preview:

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube. Click Here

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#VT57 How to create Google Duo LOGO || Photoshop tutorial || logo design || HD

LOGO's are pictural identity of a brand. In this tutorial, I will show how to create Logo in Photoshop. For the tutorial purpose, I am showing the making of Google Duo Logo.


  • Start a new document in photoshop having width-1280, height-720 and resolution-300.
  • Select Rounded Rectangle Tool and create a round rectangle.
  • Increase its roundness to the max.
  • Fill the Blue color #6467d2 in it.
  • Select transform tool and reduce the rectangle width from one side upto it becomes a circle.
  • Place it in the center.
  • Reduce the roundness of right top corner from rectangle properties.
  • Create rounded rectangle and fill white color.
  • Create triangle shape using Pen tool in a new layer and fill white color.
  • Adjust rectangle and triangle shape to create video shape and merge both layer.
  • Select blending option. Now fill this layer with gradient overlay light grey color.

  • Create new layer. Create rectangle using Rectangular Marquee Tool and fill it with black color.
  • Place above created layer behind the video shape layer.
  • Select the video shape by pressing ctrl and left click on the layer icon.
  • Select Inverse by pressing ctrl+shift+i
  • Erase the unwanted black rectangle.
  • Same procedure for remaining.
  • Make the opacity of black rectangle near to 17% to create a shadow effect.
  • Save or export the image.

Final Image:

                                                                   Google Duo Logo

So now it's your turn, create your own Logo in photoshop using your imagination & ideas. Watch the video tutorial for better understanding. For any doubt, comment below or reach out on FaceBook.

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube. Click Here

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#VT56 How to create vector image | vector logo | | Infinite Design tutorial | HD

how to create vector image
In current time, there is a trend of having your vector image as your profile picture. But for a single vector image, a graphic designer will charge you high.

In this article, I will show you how to create vector image Logo FREE in your mobile only.

The android app for creating vector image is "Infinite Design

  • Load the image of which you want a vector image.

  • Click on Tools and select "Pen tool".
  • Draw border for Beard, hair & eyebrow in Layer 1.(make sure the path is completed otherwise color will not be filled in it).
  •  Select "Fill" tool and just click on beard,hair & eyebrow section. It will automatically fill the black color in it.
  • Now make the same border for the vest in the same layer(i.e.Layer1) and fill the black color in it.
  • Now add layer 2 and make a border for lips and fill it.
  • In next layer create eye(follow the same procedure as above).
  • In next layer create skin section border.

Put Layers properly according to their display content.

Create circle. Fill it with gradient color.

Watch the tutorial on Youtube for better understanding.

copyright roncreation

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube. Click Here

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#VT55 Easiest Way To CUT OBJECT in PHOTOSHOP For Beginner || Photoshop Tutorial || HD

Many times while editing we need to change the background of image or we want png of some object/person. In such cases, we need to cut the object.

 In this article, we will learn how to cut any object or person in Photoshop cc. 

  •  Open the image from which you want to cut object.

  • Select Quick Selection Tool

                              quick selection tool
  • click on the object and start dragging the cursor over the object, it automatically selects the object.
  • sometimes the extra part is selected, deselect it by the tool.
  • click on "add mask".
  • Export the png.


Watch the Tutorial on YouTube. Click Here

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#VT54 Create Movie Poster in PicsArt || Tutorial || Mobile editing || HD

In this article, we will learn how to create a movie poster in picsart app.
Note: You can create same in photoshop also with same method. 

  • select the custom size, width -1100 height -1500
  • load background image
  • Load the mountain image and erase the unwanted part.
  • Add some black color to soldiers and light blue to mountains.
  • Add the movie name text

                                                                     name text.jpg
  • Add monkey png

  • Final Image output 


Watch the Tutorial on YouTube. Click Here

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